What is BAE?

You Could be an Heir to the BAE Throne

"Even the kings and queens of yore would yearn of a technology such as this...as if made in heaven, indeed from heaven."

Bio-Activated Energy, a technological discovery of natural proportions, ignites positive enhancements to products without changing its physical attributes. Rather, it enhances by strengthening and stabilising the bonds between molecules - molecules that are invisible to the naked eye - without adding present day additives, natural or otherwise. Your product will stand confidently, like a king, or queen!


How does BAE help the human body?

Better, Superiorly Better - Your Products

Our five senses recognise that which is good and not so good (and also the terrible!). The BAE technology makes bad good, and the good better. Your product improves without question, guaranteed. Your clients shall attest to the better value, validated by their own senses - and yours too!

~ Proven. Science. Value. ~

O2 inhibit free radical in the body cancerous cells

How does BAE work?

Inheriting the BAE Throne

In a chaotic world, society is reformed when they unite, a bond strengthened with a common vision to live a better life. The molecules of all things behave the same - an anarchic relationship yields poor but a strengthened bond bears greatness. The BAE technology strengthens the bonds between molecules to attain and retain that which was lost, interrupted or disrupted - and return it back to its authenticity of quality and harmony, satisfactorily!


Unhealthy Aura

Biological Resonance

Healthy Aura

Characteristics of BAE

Characteristics of the BAE Throne

  • Energy Healing
  • Reducing the stress factor and the anxiety tension level
  • Balancing your body pH
  • Strengthening your immunity
  • Antimicrobial effect
  • Producing more active forms of oxygen
  • Balancing your emotional tone
  • Enhances body absorption capability

Product Range

BAE Enthrones...



As a nobleman is knighted by the king, so has BAE International been ordained to enthrone. Possessing a technological marvel fitfully suited for all kinds, types and genres, BAE International has made impactful difference to a breadth of products. Amongst others there have been home products such as mattresses, beverages such as wine and juices, female products such as sanitary napkins and bra pads, and energy saving supplements such as fuel additives. The possibility is immense;and your product, incredibly impressive!