About us

Our Vision

Proven and substantiated, our vision is to see your product succeed at the forefront of your industry, catalysed by our supreme Bio-Activated Energy technology.

Our Mission

To be the preferred value enhancer of your product as we raise your product’s value, effectiveness and stature.

We pledge our values to:

  • It is not often that a proprietary technology is made available, freely and publicly. The technological prowess of BAE International emerges in the market space as a unique value enhancer and the catalyst to propel your business ahead, setting you apart from the followers.
  • Our discovery of the molecular technology dates back to the 1980s where our team of scientists gathered for the one goal to uncover the potential of improving a product from within – without sacrificing its physical properties.
  • The discovery marveled everyone. Every product encountered was succinctly improved with better taste, effects, and feel; simply immaculate.
  • The ensuing journey inspired BAE International to test these unique findings among the leading brains of the world. Today, our scientific work is featured and demonstrated in respected university and industry journals from Japan to America. Our Awards are testaments of our quality.

Logo Rationale

The art depicts a conceptualised representation of the universe, a piece specially commissioned by artist Allen Tan. It summarises the story of BAE ~ from the very essence of the energy to the purpose of the company. The art consists primarily of five 'planets', inevitably forming the letters BAE, the company name. The inner planet is represented by the classic 'Yin & Yang' symbol. Besides being crucial to the balance of life, the 'Yin & Yang' also reflects the nature of our business, our range of products and our principles. From the art piece, we can see a lava of energy, represented by spots of golden yellow, flowing upwards to move the 'Yin & Yang' symbol anticlockwise. This is in the same manner in which the Bio-Activated Energy "BAE" rotates.

The triangle that dominates the painting represents the Universe, the Earth, and Human. This trilogy is consistent with the Company's philosophy : to improve the quality of life of our end-users by providing optimal products and promoting a more wholesome lifestyle. The pointed tip of the prism focuses on the energy flow from the source of the Universe to the Earth and to the Human.



On the whole, the 5 'planets' represents Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Saturn. The five universal elements also represent Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. These elements represent changes or evolution of all things in the Universe. An optimal balance of the 5 inter-related elements allows the Universe to be harmonious and peaceful. As for our company, the 5 planets represent the 5 Key Success Elements - namely, Philosophy, Products, Plans, Programme and People. An optimal balance of this ensures the success, progress and prosperity of our company.