What is BAE?

Bio-Activated Energy is a scientifically-proven technology that harnesses the original properties of the objects or products, and enhances their quality by strengthening and stabilising the bonds between its molecules and thereby, its energy fields.

Who discovered BAE?

Discovered in the 1980s by scientists from Korea and stakeholders from Malaysia, the technology of BAE has been improved many folds, by means including the rigorous experiments by scientists from Russia to reach its state today.

How long has BAE been available in Malaysia?

In its superior form today where it has successfully been adopted as a positive to products in the commercial markets, BAE has been in Malaysia since early 2000s. However, the presence of BAE precedes this era where it persisted with repeated experiments to continually improve the technology.

Is BAE the same as Far infrared (FIR)?

BAE is far more superior than FIR both in terms of form and application. The short wavelength of FIR limits its effectiveness when compared to BAE. FIR can only be sustained in materials used for external wear and unlike BAE, cannot be infused into substances such as liquids, creams, oils or even foodstuff. The process of harnessing BAE is far superior in terms of purity and know-how. They are in a totally different class / category from each other.

How can I benefit from BAE?

Our five senses recognise characters of objects, subjects and products rarely without mistake. Products infused with the BAE technology are inherently recalibrated for an optimum quality and a long- lasting impression and experience. Products such as cosmetics, health & functional foods, medical treatments, agriculture, sexual and physical performance enhancers, vehicles and manufacturing machineries have all adopted the BAE technology and the results are beyond satisfactory.

How does BAE work?

BAE recapture a product back to its authentic quality by strengthening and stabilising the bonds between molecules within the product. The strengthened and stabilised environment yields concentrated energy fields that cause the physiological and physiological experience of a person to organically return back to an optimum state. In other words, you will derive an experience from the product with a higher sense of performance and satisfaction.

What is so special about BAE technology?

BAE technology harnesses what is present biologically without the addition of additives; natural or otherwise. This is as authentic as technology can get, as if understanding and capturing what is blessed from heaven and improving it further for all.

How can one measure or observe BAE?

From the onset, products and objects improved by BAE appear indifferent. However, a further interaction with such products yields experience such as taste and feel at a higher satisfactory level. Scientifically, the BAE technology is also proven by the laboratory experiments and documented in journals from Japan to America. BAE has also garnered a hosts of awards to warrant its standing and position as a superior technology. Access BAE’s Journals and Awards by clicking here.