The long standing practice of the Wheel of Energy or more widely known as Chakra has also been taken as a comparison yardstick for BAE. Primarily, Chakra studies the behaviour or attitude of a person and their physical health. It determines the optimum state of a person through the seven chakras throughout the body and along the spine right up to the head. With BAE, our clinical and acute study reveals a healthier state of the mind and physical condition. The congruent results from every test boosts BAE’s confidence and stature knowing that our technology rivals and perhaps even exceed that of an ancient practice – medicinal or otherwise.

The study of chakra can be viewed in 2 perspectives:

  • First the behaviour / attitude of a person, which comprises of thought, feelings, emotion, self-awareness, creativity, and etc.
  • Secondly,the physical health of a person, where we analyse weaknesses of the body, calculating the health indexes.