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Kwong Hing Group

Founded in 1958, Kwong Hing Group is financially stable with assets valued in excess of RM800 million. They are a long term and conservative property investor in Malaysia and overseas.

BAE Trading

BAE Trading is the supplier of BAE products and the BAE proprietary process owner.


Lim Kwong Choong

Lim Kwong Choong obtained his MBA from Babson Graduate School in 1990 and since embarked on a career in management and finance. He is an entrepreneur with 25 years management experience in property investment and development and 14 years experience in manufacturing and trading of consumer products in the network marketing industry. He is also one of the directors of BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd.

Founder & Pioneer of BAE Technology

Professor Mohd Muslim Liew Bin Abdullah

Professor Mohd Muslim Liew discovered Bio-Activated Energy (BAE) more than 30 years ago. In the late 1980's, together with other scientists, he started to develop and commercialize BAE into consumer products in Korea and Japan. After much success in Korea and Japan, Mohd Muslim Liew subsequently returned to Malaysia and commenced on manufacturing and supplying BAE products on an OEM basis. During his stay in Korea and Japan, he attained vast experience and knowledge in product research and development.

Scientific Research Partner

Professor Edward Krizhanovsky

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Kwong Hing Group


Founded in 1958, Kwong Hing Group is financially stable with assets value in excess of RM500 million. They are also a long term and conservative investor in property in Malaysia and overseas. Dato' Seri Raja, Tan Sri Datuk Seri Hamzah Bin Haji Abu Samah, PMN, SSAP, SIMP, SMK, SPDK, KCVO ( England ) is the distinguished chairman of Kwong Hing Group Of Companies. He served the country as the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs from 1967 – 1969. That was the start of this loyal contribution to the country. From 1969 – 1971, he was appointed the Minister Of Information and Broadcasting and in 1971 – 1973, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports. He took over the portfolio of Minister of Commerce & Industry from 1974 – 1978. In 1978, he held the position of the Minister of Law and Attorney – General of Malaysia but resigned from the Cabinet due to ill – health. After his resignation, Tan Sri Datuk Seri Hamzah went into private practice, but his dedication and love for sports continued, resulting in his election as the President of the Olympic Council of Malaysia ( OCM ).


The Kwong Hing Group of Companies ( KHG ) owes its origin to the illustrious Lim family. The family patriarch, the late Lim Ngiang Shun, a charismatic man with a firm belief in progress, founded the group in the 1950's. Today, after more than 39 years, Lim Ngiang Shun's pioneering spirit lives in the KHG as it relentlessly pursues growth and expansion throughout; and with the vision of its management, KHG is set to meet the challenges of the coming decades.




Kwong Hing Group

Growing from Strength to Strength

KHG represent an epitome of perseverance and success within the nation. Our humble beginnings in the textile trade back in 1958, has since evolved into the property development sector, focusing on both commercial and private housing projects. Today, our success is evident at locations such as Kuala Lumpur, Pahang and Perak. With property development as the thriving core business, KHG is actively expanding into other areas of investments. Backed by the leadership of a highly focused and dedicated management team, we are set to sustain our proud record of success into the 21st century.


New Heights in Development

KHG has proven its ability in the Property & Construction sectors both locally and abroad with successfully completed projects such as the prestigious Wisma Hamzah Kwong Hing, Plaza KHY, Plaza Pengkalan and Wisma Fui Chiu in Malaysia and the Shenyang Golf Club as well as the Dalian Golf Resort in China.


Breaking New Grounds

In keeping with our commitment to meet the ever changing needs and requirements of our market, we have recently completed the Shenyang Golf Club in China. This prestigious project, a joint venture between KHG And the Shenyang Gardens Tourism Company, Shenyang, China, spans over 5000 square meters with facilities ranging from an impressive 68 double-deck driving range to a sauna, restaurant and swimming pool.Other successful KHG's developments in China include the Xinmin shopping complex and the Dalian golf resort. KHG's success in China is evident by its flourishing joint ventures with Shum Yip Land Investments, the approved trading arm of the Shenzhen Government, and the Shanghai No.6 Shoe Factory (one of the largest shoe manufacturers in China)


Kwong Hing Group

Seeking New Horizons

The success of KHG in Malaysia and China has resulted in our efforts to sought new frontiers and establish operations where growth opportunities exist in various parts of the Asia Pacific Region. KHG's vision for progress and expansion is fueled by a focused and dedicated management team that is committed to both product and service excellence.


Expansion Through Diversification

With the establishment of core businesses in various regions, KHG progressed and diversified into other areas of trade interest including import and export, general trading and manufacturing.


Quality and Progress

The late pioneer Lim Ngiang Shun's belief in progress as a never-ending horizon for his goals has been faithfully implemented by the current members of KHG. In this era of rapid development and fast market changes, KHG has firmly maintained service and product excellence as the factors of progress throughout all its ventures.


Greater Opportunities for Greater Capabilities

At KHG, we believe that our success lies with our people. This is why we place much emphasis on employee development through functional training by using the latest programmes. Also each and every one of our employees is instilled with the belief that intellectual prowess and business insight will propel us towards and beyond Vision 2020.