Introduction to BAE

Scientifically tested and proven, BAE is a technological discovery that boosts the quality of products. BAE has been a positive catalyst to products like cosmetics, health & functional foods, medical treatments, agriculture, sexual and physical performance enhancers, as well as motorised vehicles and manufacturing machineries.

~ It’s Science ~
  • Keep living cells alive
  • Neutralise air pollution and reduce water contamination
  • Improve general health
  • Counter effects of harmful electromagnetic radiations
  • Potentially destroy and inhibit cancer
  • Alleviate body pains
  • Enhance plant growth and soil conditions
  • Increase efficiency of motorised machines

What is BAE?

~ Molecular Activation Technology ~

A name derived from the natural methodology of its proprietary technology, BAE harnesses the biological properties of products. Through a process of activation, the technology strengthens and stabilises the product’s molecules – the very core of every object, to achieve a better result.

How does BAE work?

~ From Heaven to Man ~

The strengthened and stabilised environment of the molecules births a stronger bond between them. With that, its energy fields from within to the external are recalibrated to its authentic form. This is the value of BAE where it succinctly recaptures the original orientation of all products – man or heavenly made – and positions it back to its optimum form.

A brief history

~ BAE – Substantiated ~

The history dates back to the 1980s beginning with analysis of the sun, understanding of energy fields and the subsequent rigorous laboratory tests and trials by scientists from Korea and Russia, and in the academic space as well as the commercial sphere, BAE appreciates the culmination of a great discovery is not an overnight process.

After more than two decades, BAE’s technology has been admitted to credible journal of science from Japan to America. We stand confidently today knowing our history substantiate our purpose – for you, your product and the overall ecology of our natural space.

Measuring the Effects of BAE

The prowess of BAE’s technology is well documented across the scientific journals. It has also been positively infused into products such as mattresses, beverages, female products and energy supplements for the commercial markets.

Of significance are the laboratory tests. Drawing from a recently - concluded test, users of a mattress improved by BAE experienced reduction in mental fatigue and anxiety. The experiment also showed users attained a greater stability and balance of energy while increasing their working capacity and vegetative co-efficiency at the same time.

This indicates an improvement in the psycho-physiological status, which is necessary for maximum realisation of all human performance in daily activities.

The Basic of the Human Body's Energy Field

If the study of energy was previously a reclusive one; limited only to ancient practices and the gypsy healers, today it has been scientifically-researched, proven and re-tested for adoptions in various fields.

Further, with the advent of technology today and the advanced civilisation mindset, the study and calibration of molecules and energy fields for a purposeful function is widely accepted as proven science.

Regardless of its preceding names - Chakra, Aura, Acupuncture, Solar, etc., BAE is positioned to harness what we’re blessed with and make it better, more superior.


BAE Patent