From ancient drawings in the cave of the West Kimberleys in Australia to the spiritual depictions of Asians to Greeks, one common visual appearance they share is the halo above the head. This has led to many varied beliefs and even the assimilation of angelic presence in those pre-modern times.

Then in the 19th century, many too have confessed their ability to see the presence of a multi-coloured and later bluish-grey “aura” surrounding a person, with initiatives and psychics as its early aproponents.

Regardless of its origins, connotations or advocates, BAE’s extensive scientific tests and trials have yielded results that are consistent and stable in the values of the subjects – and this includes the emanating physical “aura” tests.


The Aura is an electromagnetic field, the psychic filled with energy surrounding all beings, human or otherwise. It can also be described as an extension of the physical human body. Its size can vary from a few inches to many feet in all directions. It is the corona discharge we emanate as a field of light and colors.

The Aura actually consists of 7 layers, where the outer auric layers represent the soul and spirit, whereas the inner auric layers represent the mind, emotions and health. It is associated with the health of the physical body, and all organs impact the strength and the size of the aura. It includes and is impacted by all elements; its colors vary and change depending upon mental, emotional and physical states.